Club Championships 2018

(Licensed Level 4)

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Please check carefully and report any errors or omissions as soon as possible.

Closing date for enteries is Friday 26th October.

Start sheets will be produced at 12pm on the day of the session and published in the table below.

There will be no corrections made once these are published.

Email with any enquiries, corrections or withdrawls.

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Club Championship Records to 2017
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Session Date Programme Start Sheet Results
Session 1 Wednesday 14th November Prog 1 Start 1 Results 1
Session 2 Saturday 17th November Prog 2 Start 2 Results 2
Session 3 Sunday 18th November Prog 3 Start 3 Results 3
Session 4 Wednesday 21st November Prog 4 Start 4 Results 4
Session 5 Sunday 25th November Prog 5 Start 5 Results 5
Session 6 Wednesday 28th November Prog 6 Start 6 Results 6
Session 7 Wednesday 5th December Prog 7 Start 7 Results7
Session 8 Sunday 16th December Prog 8 Start 8 Results 8

Tadpoles & 8 years/under
Age Group Category Awards